Doornenbal site test Canadian TV visits Paranal Dry as a desert Staff quarters Finance Committee visit Reinhard Genzel, recipient of the 2012 Tycho Brahe Prize Daniel Enard working on the site testing at Cerro Armazones
Car accident near La Silla View of Cerro Armazones from Paranal Dr. Gustavo Rojas Otto Heckmann during an IAU meeting Künstlerische Darstellung des E-ELT-Hauptspiegelmodells Screenshot of ESO Virtual Tours 360° for the Milky Way Tour Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2011 (CAP 2011)
Supernova 1994D in the galaxy NGC 4526 Star formation in the constellation of Corona Australis The young star T Cha in the constellation of Chamaeleon ALMA-CHAJ 04 ALMA-CHAJ 03 ALMA-CHAJ 02 ALMA-CHAJ 01
ALMA Antenna Model 04 ALMA Antenna Model 02 VLT-PAR-240V OPTIMOS-EVE study team and study final review board OPTIMOS-DIORAMAS study team and study final review board Profile Shot of X-shooter VLT Mirror Coating Plant
VLT Mirror Coating Plant VLT Fibre Positioner VLTI MIDI VLTI VINCI CONICA VLTI VINCI VLT Control Room
VLT Fibre Positioner System VLTI Laboratory VLT Mirror Coating Plant Construction Crane on the VLT PLatform VLT Mirror Handling Tool X-shooter VLTI Siderostat
Light-Curve of GRB 060614 Spectrum of the Extremely Distant Galaxy z6VDF J022803-041618 Intracluster Nebulae in Virgo Cluster of Galaxies Oscillation frequencies in the giant star xi Hya Interferometric Fringes from the Star Achernar Coronal Fe XIII Emission Line in CN Leonis Recoating Yepun's mirror
Metals in DLA System at z=3.39 NN Ser Light Curve around Total Eclipse NN Ser Spectrum during Total Eclipse Spectrum of Distant Galaxy EIS 107 The 304 A He + Absorption Line in the Spectrum of Quasar HE 2347-4342 Minor Planet (4015) Minister Heubisch’s delegation at Paranal
ALMA inauguration, seen from Garching Garching during ALMA inauguration Clearing ground for La Silla construction Building La Silla Tübingen Project site testing Site testing at Rockdale Mt. Aerial view of La Silla Observatory, 1966
Inside the Rondavel Clouds and observers Zeekoegat Station Zeekoegat Station Equipment at Rockdale mountain Observing at Rockdale mountain Observing at Rockdale mountain
Rockdale Mountain Merkle and von der Lühe Living near the Table Mountain Nando Patat Joana Ascenso Dietrich Baade La Silla Visitor Centre
 Working with oxygen at 5000m ESO 1.52-metre telescope foundations Bernard Dumoulin Gabriel Brammer ESO EAAE 2008 Getting hands on Copying photographic plates
The TP Division on La Silla Illustration of the hotel at La Silla Artist’s impression of the expected dark matter distribution around the Milky Way (annotated) Screenshot of ESO Virtual Tours 360° at the Chajnantor plateau Screenshot of ESO Virtual Tours 360° at ESO Headquarters A Science Teacher visits Paranal ESO workshop: Star Formation across the Milky Way Galaxy
ESO Council at Vitacura VST Survey NGC 3582 in the constellation of Carina The Racing Green Endurance SRZero electric supercar visiting ESO’s VLT Star formation in the constellation of Monoceros NGC 1365 in the constellation of Fornax X-shooter at the VLT
The VLTI Laboratory at Paranal Overhead Shot of the VISTA Camera
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