Advance Info 60

Published: 01 Mar 2013

Preliminary Inquiry to select potential suppliers in ESO Member States and Chile who will then be invited to respond to the ensuing Call for tender (CfT) for the construction of a new underground Auxiliary Telescopes (AT) Maintenance Station at the Paranal Observatory platform. The dimensions of this Maintenance Station are approx. 11 m long x 4.4 m wide x 3.55 m deep, requiring thermal insulated conc6rete structures, electrical and data installation, and paving around the new Station. Specific structures and equipment (pillars, alignment reference plates…) will also be installed.Additionally new railings for the ATs movement will have to be installed, connecting the new Station to the existing railings.

A new 6.5 m long and 1 m diameter thermally insulated light beam tunnel will also have to be built between the new Station and the existing interferometric Tunnel.The construction phase must limit the generation of dust and minimize the vibrations during the rock excavation work, as the other telescopes of the Observatory will be in operation at that time. For this reason, excavation with chemical expanders, or similar technologies, is required.The Preliminary Inquiry is scheduled to be released in Q2 2013 to potential suppliers in Chile and the subsequent CFT to be issued in Q3 2013.

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