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Please, complete the following form by answering all the questions. After you have answered them press "Submit" button. Your response is processed anonymously and the information is used only for reseach purposes. Astronomy Online is referred to with the abbreviation AOL in the questionnaire.

Section A

Answer the following questions marking one of the options

1 Totally agree2 Agree3 I am not sure4 Disagree 5 Totally disagree

Computers make the study of many subjects easier and efficient.
Computers are used too much in the instruction of different subjects.
I can use my knowledge of mathematics in AOL.
I find it interesting to solve scientific problems.
I find it interesting to do astronomical observations.
Activities in AOL were too theoritical.
I understood the theory behind the observations very well.
I found activities corresponding to my level easily.
The online discussions with professional astronomers were an important factor for my learning.
The local teacher (group leader) was an important factor for my learning.
The group members were important factors for my learning.
The astronomical software available in AOL was an important factor for my learning.
The collaboration through the WWW with other groups was an important factor for my learning.
There were more disadvantages than advantages in using computers during AOL.
There should have been more team work during AOL.
I am satisfied with my success in AOL.
I knew astronomy well enough beforehands to have meaningful questions to the professional astronomers.
I have done practical activities (lab work, observations, simulations, worked with models) in astronomy before.
I have learnt astronomy from books and from my teacher in classroom before.
I had not very much knowledge of astronomy before AOL.
Because of the experience with AOL, I want to learn more about computers and communication on internet.
The language was not a problem for me in the project.
I got my own questions and problems answered in AOL.
The questions that we worked with in AOL were suggested by the teacher/group leader.
The questions that we worked with were suggested by other members of my group (class mates).
After AOL I want more astronomy teaching at school.
The important thing is not whether the subject is astronomy, chemistry, biology or physics as long as we can work with computers.
Astronomy is a unique science because there are only few connections with other fields of science.

Section B

Evaluate your learning style and the role of the computers and WWW resources in the AOL.

As a learner I am
theoretical practical
active passive
quick slow
explorer listener
The role of the computers and WWW resources in AOL
active passive
information database a tool to help learning
The navigation in AOL WWW site was
easy difficult

Section C

Background information.

The integration of the AOL to your school's curricula

Where did you mainly use the AOL WWW resources?

The level of your network connection.

Age group

Reference group

The country where you are from

Sex: Female Male

What did you expect from AOL?

What was the most positive feature from AOL for you?

What were the main problems (language, difficult texts, cloudy nights, slow lines,...)?

What did you feel was missing ?

Please, write any other comments you have in the text area below.