Utrecht, Sonnenborgh Observatory Sonderberg Observatory, Mogens Winther Stockholm, Anders and co On location, Robert Wielinga, Austria

This map is "clickable": click on one of the red marks and you will see more information about the contributing group.

If you plan to contribute in one of the EAAE/ESO Solar Eclipse Projects please register, with email and position (city and/or latitude/longitude) and your 'team' will be located on this map.

You may find your own geographical longitude/latitude in any geographical atlas, or by means of this WWW interactive map server

We hereby suggest all interested amateurgroups to contact local schools. Amateur astronomers with their detailed technical skills could be of very high value when giving our students a life time experience.

Contributing Groups:

Netherlands, Utrecht, Sonnenborgh Observatory

Sonderborg Observatory, Torben Krogh and Mogens Winther, MW with students on location at the EAAE Summerschool in France.

Sweden, Stockholm, Anders Västerberg. Anders Västerberg

Austria, on location, Robert Wielinga

France, Students at EAAE Summer School - Briey.

Portugal, Antonio Cidadao., APAA-EAAE Veteran from the eclipse 1996. One of Europes most experienced CCD amateurs. Antonio is expected to be on some totality location yet to be decided.

Spain, Basque Country Julen Sarasola and students, observing on totality location in Cherbourgh- France.