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Results from the Solar Eclipse on October 12, 1996

Reports still coming in!

On Saturday October 12th a quite rare phenomenon occurred; a partial solar eclipse. This eclipse was visible from Northern Canada, all Europe and Northern Africa.

Many Astronomy On-Line groups took to opportunity to observe this event and in most cases they followed the detailed instructions which were published in advance. A large number of very fine observations were obtained!

As of October 24, the average value of the Lunar Distance, calculated from the reported observations is 408 000 +/- 32 000 km (Standard Deviation). The true value is 390 406 km (geocentric), so this result, obtained exclusively by means of observations done by Astronomy On-Line groups, is less than 5 percent off.

This is a very impressive result of a unique observational campaign! Congratulations to all contributing groups!

A complete report with details about the observations by the participating groups, and an overall summary of the results obtained will be published as soon as possible. This report will also contain all links to images etc. available at the various sites.

However, excellent reports are still coming in, and the organisers have decided to wait a little longer in order to obtain the most complete overview. For this reason, various provisional reports have been published and you will find below the corresponding links. They will be superseded by the final report, once it is ready. Additional software for the 2-D method has also been published.

In case you have not done so already, please send your report by email to the European Student Project Group - by clicking, you will get the mailserver.

Links to provisional reports

Overview of results from 3-D Method

Several groups used the 3-D method to determine the distance to the Moon. Here is the first report which connects all the data obtained in different places.

Overview as of November 11, 1996

First provisional report in HTML-format with images and many links to interesting sites where you will find many more images.

Overview as of October 28, 1996

Rather complete overview. Still in ASCII-format.

Overview as of October 24, 1996

First, reasonably complete overview. In ASCII-format.

Related software

Software for the 2-D (published on October 24, 1996) and 3-D observing methods

Information in Newspaper no. 4

Updated summary and still incomplete list of individual observations by groups, as published in Astronomy On-Line Newspaper no. 4 on October 22, 1996.

Information in Newspaper no. 3

Provisional summary and list with links to sites with images, videos, etc., as published in Astronomy On-Line Newspaper no. 3 on October 15, 1996.

Contact addresses

The following EAAE members (The Solar Eclipse Group) have prepared the present project on behalf of the European Student Project Group:

Josée Sert

Francis Berthomieu

Brian Stockwell

Anders Västerberg

Mogens Winther

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