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This is the Astronomy On-Line Communications Archive by means of which you will be able to search and retrieve messages sent between Participating Groups.

If this is the first time you want to access the Archive, we suggest that you consult the How to use the Archive? explanatory page.

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Nearest Neighbourhood

Visit the ArchiveEarth and Moon (all related matters, incl. meteors, aurorae, lunar and solar eclipses)

Visit the aol.sun ArchiveThe Sun (surface, structure, evolution, energy source)

Visit the ArchiveSolar System (Major Planets, Moons, Asteroids, Comets)

Visit the ArchiveSpace exploration (techniques, vehicles, manned flights)


Within our galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds

Visit the aol.stars ArchiveStars (individual stars,double and multiple stars, different types, composition, evolution)

Visit the aol.starcluster ArchiveStarclusters (individual objects, evolution)

Visit the aol.interstellar ArchiveInterstellar matter (nebulae, clouds, composition)

Visit the aol.milkyway ArchiveThe Milky Way galaxy (overall properties, central region, halo, bulge)

Beyond our Galaxy

Visit the aol.galaxies ArchiveGalaxies (individual objects, different types)

Visit the aol.galcluster ArchiveClusters of galaxies (individual objects, distribution, evolution)

Visit the aol.cosmology ArchiveCosmology (Big Bang, age and evolution of Universe)

Visit the aol.gravity ArchiveGravitational effects (Black Holes, Dark Matter, lensing)


Other Matters

Visit the aol.obs ArchiveTelescopes and Instruments (from binoculars to the VLT; from your eye to CCD cameras etc., observational procedures)

Visit the aol.history ArchiveHistory of astronomy (before 1900)

Visit the ArchiveLife in the Universe (Bioastronomy, searches)

Visit the aol.eaae ArchiveAOL and EAAE matters (Organisation of the AOL, Contacts, Problems)

Visit the ArchiveAll other matters (for instance about your self and your group, your city and country, hobbies, sports, other interests, etc.)

Visit light pollution results archiveLight Pollution results archive (incoming results from the collaborative project on light pollution)

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