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Learn how to find and retrieve data, available on the WWW at different sites. From here you may get access to hundreds, if not thousands of images, texts and other astronomical data in observatory archives, etc. A thoughtful combination of these data will allow you to carry through many different, specific projects, ranging from the preparation of an exhibition of beautiful astronomical imagery at your school to the solution of much more complex scientific tasks.

All information is available here. You just have to click on the appropriate icon.

How to Search

Are you looking for some guidelines which will help you use the WWW in an effective and systematic way?

This page contains information which will help you to use the various `Search Engines' available on the Web.

Useful WWW-Addresses

This is the area where you will find useful Web addresses, connected to Astronomy and Astrophysics and related fields of science. They can then be accessed by means of the installed links.

Data Archives

This page contains information about astronomical data archives and the corresponding links. From here you will be able to enter some of the world's foremost astronomical databanks and retrieve information which you can use for your own purpose.

Treasure Hunt

This is the great Treasure Hunt which may well become one of the most visited areas!

The first is already available and will take you from Sweden via the USA to Italy! And the second will make you travel in time!

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