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Treasure Hunt

This is the great Astronomy On-Line Treasure Hunt which may well become one of the most visited areas!

This page will contain hints about how to participate and how you and your group may prepare your own treasure hunts. If suitable, they may then be taken over by the Astronomy On-Line Programme so that other groups can enjoy them!

However, in the meantime, you may wish to try the first Hunts, prepared by the organisers of Astronomy On-Line. Some will be more easy than others, but all will have a solution. This solution (the `treasure') will come in different shapes - and there will be some surprises!

Follow the instructions at the beginning of each Hunt. There will also be Hints at strategic positions, that will help you to continue.

The solutions to all Hunts will be made available at the end of the 'hot phase' of Astronomy On-Line.

Here we go!

Treasure Hunt no. 1

Find the name of an astronomical object and a secret Web-site!

Treasure Hunt no. 2

This Treasure Hunt is quite different from the first one. It also demonstrates some of the impressive possibilities of the WWW. It has been prepared by Claus Madsen and Michael Naumann of ESO and it leads you through a series of five (simple?) questions. Once you arrive at the goal, there is a BIG and very pleasent surprise waiting for you!


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