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In this Astronomy On-Line Shop you will find a variety of prepared, astronomical `exercises' or `experiments' of different level on which you may try your skills. It will be continuously stocked with new items, beginning at the middle of October.

The results are not given here, but it will normally be clear if you have arrived at the correct solution. If you have problems, please consult the author whose name and email address is always indicated at the end of the text.

During the apparition of the Great Comet Hale-Bopp in March-April 1997, you will find some interesting and useful comet exercises, specially prepared by the European Student Project Group of the EAAE.

You may also wish to try your skills on a small sample of problems from the Moscow Astronomical Olympical Games.

Click on the icons below to access the individual exercises.

Exercises: Basic Level

 [NEW] The exercises at this level are comparatively basic and do not demand much prior knowledge about astronomy. They will probably be most suitable for the 12 - 14 age group, but this may depend on the school curricula.

Exercises: Middle Level

 [NEW] These exercises are somewhat more demanding and it is expected that you know some of the basic facts about astronomy. Probably best for the 15 - 16 age group.

Exercises: Advanced Level

 [NEW] You need a good astronomical fundament to be able to solve these exercises. You have already done some astronomy courses. Most likely you are in the 17+ age group.

More exercises to follow!

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