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Astronomical Exercises: Advanced Level

In this Astronomy On-Line Shop you will find a variety of challenging astronomical exercises. You will need a good astronomical fundament to be able to solve them.

We expect that you have already done some astronomy courses. Most likely you are in the 17+ age group.

Just click on the titles to access the individual exercises. Have a nice time!

French versions of the two first exercises (III.1 and III.2) are now available (November 11, 1996).

III.1 The Moon Parallax

Determine the distance to the Moon by means of the Lalande and LaCaille method (1752).

III.2 Roemer and the Velocity of Light

Follow Roemer's demonstration (1676) of the finite speed of light by means of observations of the moons of Jupiter. You may even be able to determine the speed of light yourself, but beware - this is not easy!

III.3 Energy production in the Sun

The goal of this exercise is to familiarize you with the basic facts concerning the production of energy in the Sun and the stars and to demonstrate that many important parameters can be deduced from a few elementary data and simple physical principles.

III.4 The Earth's Three Motions

This exercise is concerned with the precession of the Earth's axis. It is the third in a series (the preceding are I.1 and II.3).

More exercises to follow!

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