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Astronomical Exercises: Basic Level

In this Astronomy On-Line Shop you will find a variety of interesting astronomical exercises.

The exercises at this level are comparatively basic and do not demand much prior knowledge about astronomy. They will probably be most suitable for the 12 - 14 age group, but this may depend on the school curricula.

Just click on the titles to access the individual exercises and to try your skills!

I.1 Rotation of the Earth

Observe the Earth's rotation and find the location of the celestial pole and the equator. And read how you may make some very nice sky photographs at the same time!

I.2 Computing the Size and the Distance of the Moon by Means of Eclipse Observations

On the basis of photos, obtained during the recent solar and lunar eclipses, you may try to estimate the size of the Moon and also its distance from the Earth. How close will you get to the correct values?

I.3 How to study the movement of the Moon

This project invites you to measure the position of the Moon in relation with that of the Sun

The measurement is not very difficult, and as long as the weather is not too bad and you can see simultaneously the Moon and the Sun, you should be able to obtain quite accurate results.

If you think these exercises are too simple, why don't you pass on to the next level?

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