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How to study the movement of the Moon

This project invites you to measure the position of the Moon in relation with that of the Sun

The measurement is not very difficult, and as long as the weather is not too bad and you can see simultaneously the Moon and the Sun, you should be able to obtain quite accurate results.

The organisers shall be happy to hear about your experience and look forward to your report(s). They will be brought in the Astronomy On-Line Newspaper.

Good luck!

What do You need ?

You have to make by yourself a device like that:

 [Image of device]

Figure 1

How to proceed ?

The process is very easy:

  1. Find the Moon in the blue sky
  2. Aim at it with your device
  3. Turn the device around the axis EYE-MOON until the Sun is in the device plane
  4. Look at the shadow of the pin: it indicates the elongation of the Moon

Figure 2

And with all the data you have got during several days, you can show that the movement of the Moon IS NOT a regular one

Please direct all enquiries and also send your results to:

Francis Berthomieu, Lycée Jean Moulin
Place de la Paix 83300 DRAGUIGNAN

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