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This is the central `shop' with complete information about the Astronomy On-Line Programme as such. From here, you may also talk to the organisers about your ideas and problems and below you will find Guidelines and Help facilities. This is also where the links to all related Astronomy On-Line and Group Web sites are located.

In order to access the individual areas, you must click on the corresponding icons. Some of the images in the texts are also active. If you click on them, you will get a larger image, but remember that it also will take a longer time to download them (the amount of kilobytes is indicated).

Help to New Participants

Here are some hints to new participants about how to get started and to 'meet' other groups on the Web within the Astronomy On-Line Programme.


Most of the groups that partipated in Astronomy On-Line in 1996-97 have now been disbanded. Until a new event is organised, the links to the websites of the participants have therefore been disconnected.

National Homepages

From here you may access the National Astronomy On-Line Homepages which have been set up in most participating countries. Many incorporate Astronomy On-Line mirror sites which will facilitate access to the Programme at times of heavy load. They also contain important information about local and national events.

Steering Committees

Names and addresses of the members of the International and National Astronomy On-Line Steering Committees.


Here is the Tentative Schedule of the main events within Astronomy On-Line. It will be updated as more details become available and whenever any important changes are made.

Help to Participants

Use this button only if you have really difficult problems during the Hot Week. From here you will be able to communicate with specialist at ESO who will do their best to help you. (To be opened on November 18, 1996).

Final Event

Now Open!

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