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Astronomy On-line: Welcome!

WELCOME! You are one of a community of over six hundred groups. This may feel like entering a party where you know absolutely no-one. Someone in this party of strangers has to `break the ice', or shake hands for the first time. How do you establish contact?

Here are just a few suggestions.

Send an email to another group!

We suggest that you start by sending an email message to another group. Then you will find that other people will contact you. A useful procedure is available in the Group Communication Shop. You will also find here full instruction on how to do it.

You may look at the information provided by the groups about their special interests, location, etc. There will certainly be at least some groups who have similar interests as you!

What do you talk about? Here are some starting points:

- Are you interested in one particular part of astronomy or have you an ambition to work in astronomy?

- Visit a Website! There are lots of links all over Astronomy On-Line. What did you find out? Tell others about it - tell them how to find the site.

- What have you seen recently in the daytime or nighttime sky?

- What observations do you hope to make during Astronomy On-Line?

Search the Communications Archive!

The Communication Archive will contain many messages already sent by other groups. Search for interesting subjects by means of the Search machine installed there. Then take up contact with the groups that have sent these messages.

Write an article!

Write an article for the Newspaper - it need only be a few lines. Invite other groups to contact you, and you will begin to receive emails. Or read the news articles and respond to one whose interests you share.

Join a project!

Participate in one of the Collaborative Projects! You will find that most of the groups have already joined one of these activities. You will soon meet some of them on the WWW.

In each of the project descriptions, you will find at the end an email address where you may contact the organisers.

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