Latest News about the Lunar Eclipse on September 27

Several Astronomy On-Line observers in Germany, parts of France, and West-Denmark were clouded out, but here follow a few reports from those who were not:

The Copper-red Moon looked like a Billiard Sphere made of Ivory - lit by natural fire from one side. (Gabor S.-Nagy, Budapest, Hungary).

Our students expressed having had an experience for lifetime (Henry Noergaard, Noerre Gymnasium, Copenhagen, Denmark).

The Eclipse was sensational over Santiago, with clear sky and a perfect sight (Astronomy On-Line Chile, Jorge and Rodrigo).

A wonderful quiet night, the grashoppers were singing, while the dark-red moon was hanging slightly above the planet Saturn. (Bent Klarmark, Kettinge Youth School, Denmark).

While observers in Europe had to stay up into the late night in order to observe this eclipse, Stig Linander from Seattle had a most comfortable evening view. Stig writes to Astronomy On-Line:

The Moon was already totally eclipsed during sunset - 1919 local time. While rising, it gave a strange ghostlike light above the impressive Cascade Mountains. Followed it until the end - Earth atmosphere absorption seemed to be low - this was the brightest eclipse I have ever seen.

Several additional results - from Switzerland, Finland, France and Denmark will be presented soon here on Astronomy On-Line - together with student performed sextant measurements, drawings, etc... Some measurements may even allow an estimate of the distance to the Moon. More details here on Astronomy On-Line shortly.

More reports, additional data - drawings etc. are most welcome!

At last, you should however not hesitate to visit the Norwegian Astronomy On-Line site - here you may find some marvellous eclipse photos, taken by the the students at the Norwegian Highschool "Tromsdalen Gymnasium". Click here.

So let us hope the solar eclipse on October 12 - and the weather - will provide our eager observers with another experience that is just as exciting!

Best greetings from the

European Student Project Group

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Last update: Sept. 30, 1996