Status of Astronomy On-Line Shops (October 1, 1996)

Astronomy On-Line is on schedule, as defined by the plan prepared by the International Steering Committee. According to this, a number of activities will become available from October 1, 1996, while others will be implemented later.

The Tentative Schedule may be consulted at the appropriate Webpage.

Here follows an overview of the status of the individual Astronomy On-line Shops, as of October 1, 1996.

1. General information

Lists of Participants are being updated on a daily basis, as new registrations are received. The provisional Astronomy On-Line is available here.

2. Collaborative projects

Two collaborative projects concerning observations of the lunar and solar eclipses on September 27 and October 12, 1996, respectively, are ready. Observations were obtained of the lunar eclipse and a provisional report is being published in this issue of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper. More projects will soon follow and will be announced as they become available.

3. Astronomical observations

General Instructions for the preparation and submission of Observing Proposals are now available. The first participating observatory (Wendelstein in Bavaria) has prepared its Web pages which may now be accessed. The actual submission of Observing Proposals will start somewhat later, when links to more observatories and information about their telescopes and instruments are ready.

4. Astronomical software

This Shop will be opened later. At this moment, there is a link to the description of the ESO MIDAS software. A free copy of the CD-ROM with this system is available on request to Participating Groups.

5. Use of astronomical data on the WWW

Information about how to search on the Web is ready. The first links to useful Web sites are available and there is access to a few archives. Treasure Hunts will start at a later date.

6. Prepared exercises (Try your skills)

This Shop is not yet open.

7. Talk to the professionals

This Shop is not yet open.

8. Group communication

This area now contains detailed instructions about how participating groups may communicate with each other. Note also the availability of an email archive of these communications which will allow other participants to follow email exchanges. Hypermail and a Whiteboard facility will be implemented later.

9. Newspaper

This Shop if now open and the first Newspaper has been published on October 1, 1996.

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