Registration Problems on September 27 and 28

Some days ago, the computer (server) at ESO on which the Astronomy On-Line Webpages are installed, was exchanged with a new and more powerful one (Sparc 20 with 2 CPU's) in order to support the expected onrush of visitors, once the Astronomy On-Line opens officially.

During this change-over, a small problem occurred which redirected some registration files to a temporary directory. Unfortunately, an automatic re-boot of the new machine took place just after midnight between September 28 and 29. The effect was that some of the registrations which were entered on Friday, September 27 and Saturday, September 28 may have been lost.

All registrations which were entered on Sunday, September 29 and later, have been recovered from the temporary file.

We are very sorry for this mishap and kindly ask those groups which have registered on Friday or Saturday to check whether they are concerned. You may do so by consulting the current Lists of Participants. On the list of your country/area, you will now find reference to all registrations which have been well received up to midnight between Sunday, November 29 and Monday, September 30.

Thus, if you did register on Friday or Saturday and your group has not yet been entered, it is likely that your registration was lost. You must then kindly register again.

If you have any questions or doubts, please send an email to me at

Michael Naumann
ESO Webmaster

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Last update: Sept. 30, 1996