Editorial Information

The Astronomy On-Line Newspaper will bring the latest news about this Programme and will be the place where reports from the Participating Groups will appear. We expect that one issue per week will be published during October, and that the frequency will increase as the Programme enters the next phases.

The Astronomy On-Line Newspaper will also act as a forum where participants may publish information of general interest to other groups in the form of short notes. However, if your item is of a more special nature and may only be of interest to a very limited number of groups, it is suggested that you distribute it by direct email to the concerned groups, via Group Communications.

If you have any communications which you feel should be published in the Newspaper, please prepare them in HTML (as far as possible) and send them to Richard.West@eso.org.

We shall do our best to publish your contributions as soon as possible.

Richard West
ESO Education and Public Relation Department

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Last update: Sept. 30, 1996