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Astronomy On-Line attracts many Sponsors

The Astronomy On-Line Programme continues to attract many sponsors in various countries. Information is still missing from some regions, so the present list is most likely still quite incomplete.

The organisers wish to express their sincere gratitude to all of them! We hope that also they will benefit from the exceptional interest that has been generated in wide circles by Astronomy On-Line and its related activities.


Some National Steering Committees, notably in Denmark, Greece and Sweden, have secured very substantial support from their governments, mainly through the Ministries of Education.

For instance, following an application by Knud Jepsen (Member of the EAAE Executive Council) on behalf of the Danish National Steering Committee for Astronomy On-Line, the Danish Ministry of Education, together with the UNI-C company, has decided to provide 150 high schools with free Internet connections during one year, effective immediately. This is a substantial fraction of all high schools in Denmark and this most welcome support will ensure that an exceptional number of these will be able to participate in Astronomy On-Line!

In Greece, the participation in the National Steering Committee of the Director for Secondary Studies and the circulation of a reference letter from the Ministry has been a great support.


In most countries the universities have agreed to provide server capacity for the National Homepage and the mirrored International Homepage, located at ESO.

Partnerships have been established with national and local institutes and planetaria.

Among the main Astronomy On-Line partners are:

Austria: Institut fuer Astronomie der Universitaet Wien, OEsterreichischer Astronomischer Verein.

Belgium: Europlanetarium.

Bulgaria: Wide-Field Plate Database (Computer Center of Physics), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The Czech Republic: Astronomical Institute, Charles University of Prague.

Denmark: Tycho Brahe Planetarium, Copenhagen University Astronomical Observatory.

Estonia: The Tartu Observatory.

Finland: Taehtitieteellinen yhdistys Ursa ry (the Ursa Astronomical Association).

France: Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris.

Greece: The Astronomical Institute of the National Observatory of Athens, the Computer Center of University of Athens, other Universities all over Greece, the Eugenides Foundation (EAAE Partner).

Hungary: The Eoetvoes Lorand University.

Ireland: The Dublin Institute of Advanced Physics.

The Netherlands: Sterrenkundig Instituut van de Universiteit Utrecht.

Norway: Nordlysplanetariet, the Astrophysics Group at the Tromsoe University, Norsk Astronomisk Selskap.

Slovenia: Astronomical Observatory (AGO), Observatory Crni Vrh.

Spain: Asociacion para la Ensenanza de la Astronomia.

Switzerland: The Geneva Observatory.

Commercial sponsors

Among the early commercial sponsors are netSphere (Austria), the Kuffner Sternwarte (Austria), France Telecom, Freenet (Finland), Restena (Luxemburg), Telia (Sweden) and Eunet (Switzerland).

Claus Madsen
ESO Education and Public Relations Department

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