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News about the Registrations

At the moment of writing, in the evening of October 7, 1996, Astronomy On-Line has welcomed well over 300 groups from all continents, except Africa (and Artarctica)! Few of the organisers had expected that so many groups would register so early. With a mean of at least five members per group, we are probably now approaching a total of 2000 participants.

This is most gratifying and clearly shows the great interest in our Programme. There can be no doubt that Astronomy On-Line fills a need perceived by many astronomy-enthusiasts, and we shall do our best to live up to your expectations. How many participants will there be in the `hot phase'?!

However, the large number of registrations does pose a practical problem. They have to be entered into the country lists and the individual Group Information page must be created. This involves in most cases also some editing, sometimes even translation from other languages into English. This takes time. We have also noted that here and there, the email (and URL) addresses do not work. While this may be because these addresses have not been activated by the Internet provider, it does happen that a Group types a wrong character when registering.

Thus, please be careful to check that your addresses are correct! If you find an error, or if you want to update your page (for instance when you get your URL address), please send me an email message at [rwest@eso.org], indicating your Group Designation and the changes to be made.

We have at this moment prepared the pages for all groups who sent in their registration before noon on October 3. We hope to keep up with the incoming rate and perhaps to catch up by the end of the week. (Note added on October 8: All registrations received on October 3, 4, 5 and 6 have now been entered).

Richard West
ESO Education and Press Relation Department

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Last update: Oct 8, 1996