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New Collaborative Project: Sun, Earth and Aurorae

An exciting project about the Sun-Earth connection and its Relation to Activities in The Society is now ready to be launched. We have today put a still provisional, but quite elaborate version on the Norwegian Home Page, but it has now also been copied to the ESO, where it may be reached at the Sun-Earth Connection Homepage from where it may be copied to the mirror sites any time.

This Collaborative Project requires observers in the South and in the North to cooperate, those in the South to record the Sun and solar activities, and listen to radio communications from the North, and the those in the North to provide information about the aurora and magnetic disturbances observed there.

A special highlight is to calculate the height of the aurora based on pictures taken by two different groups, in the same direction, identifying the same auroral forms and stars in the pictures.

Groups in the North have already made auroral and magnetic observations, and a log of these will soon be available on the project's log sheet.

We are looking forward to a healthy North-South collaboration within this project! Do contact us via the Webpage if you want to join this project!

Jan-Erik Solheim
Tromsoe University and Nordlysplanetariet (Norway)

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