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Participation in Astronomy On-Line on the rise

As mentioned in an ealier article in the Astronomy On-Line Newspaper, the number of registrations has been increasing steadily over the past weeks.

During the last week, more than 100 new Groups have registered and the total is now 429. As of now (October 14), all who have done so before Sunday evening (October 13) have been officially entered and their Group Information pages are already available.

We shall do out utmost to keep up with this work, but it cannot be excluded that we may sometimes be a few days behind, if the influx is too great. Thus, if you do not find your page the day after you have submitted your registration form, don't despair, it will come soon!

You will find below an overview of the numbers of registrations in the various countries and areas. By clicking on the country names, you will gain direct access to the respective Lists of Participating Groups. The newest country to join is Croatia, where two Groups have just registered. A complete List of Participating Groups by Country is also available.

On the European continent, most countries are now represented in Astronomy On-Line, with the exception of Poland and Russia. Although no groups from Romania have yet registered, this country has already set up a National Astronomy On-Line Homepage and it is likely that some Romanian groups will soon join.

Participating Groups by Country (14 October 1996)

Country Code No. of Groups
Austria at 11
Belgium be 6
Bulgaria bg 10
Chile cl 8
Croatia hr 2
Czech Republic cz 3
Denmark dk 30
Finland fi 16
France fr 27
Germany de 41
Greece gr 31
Hungary hu 1
Ireland ie 9
Italy it 19
Latvia lv 2
Luxemburg lu 2
Lithuania lt 1
Netherlands nl 11
Norway no 18
Portugal pt 4
Slovakia sk 1
Slovenia si 6
Spain es 14
Sweden se 64
Switzerland ch 15
United Kingdom uk 59
Ukraine ua 1
North America am-n 11
South America am-s 2
Asia asia 2
Africa afri 0
Australia au 2
Total 429

Richard West
ESO Education and Public Relations Department

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