Edition 03 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Two more observatories join Astronomy On-Line

As of today, Astronomy On-Line participants may check out the observation facilities at two more observatories which will be placing telescopes at their disposal. The information may be accessed via the Telescope and Instruments page.

One of these is the Centro de Observacao Astronomica no Algarve in Portugal, where a 50-cm CCD-equipped telescope will become available around November 1. For this reason, we expect to begin to accept observing proposals for this telescope, already in 10 days' time. More information about the procedure will follow in the next issue of the Newspaper.

The European Southern Observatory is making its 91-cm Dutch telescope at La Silla available during two full nights at the time of the `Hot Phase'. Complete information is now available via the above indicated page.

More pages in this area will be released during the next week.

Richard West
ESO Education and Public Relations Department

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Last update: Oct 14, 1996