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Solar Radio Images from Siberia

Astronomy On-Line participants will soon have the opportunity to study images of the Sun, obtained with a radio telescope located near Irkutsk in Siberia (Russia). It is expected that these images will be incorporated into the Collaborative Project about Solar-Terrestrial relations.

The Siberian Solar Radio Telescope (SSRT) of the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics is located at a short distance from Lake Baikal. A continuous monitoring of solar activity is being carried out during the daytime at this telescope.

The SSRT is a phased cross-shaped 128 x 128 antenna array. Until recently, the routine observation mode at the SSRT (wavelength = 5.2 cm; down to 15 arcsec angular resolution) was additive one-dimensional scanning of the solar disk with North-South and East-West baseline interferometers.

In late 1995, the two-dimensional mode observations started to produce full-disk images for a time interval as long as 3 minutes, and they have been providing images every day since the spring of 1996. Because of the present impossibility of ensuring long-term storage of all information obtained, only two or three solar disk images per day are stored.

You may like to have a look at one of our solar radio images (JPG, 24k). This one was obtained on October 2, 1996, and sent via the Internet to ESO some days ago. There is not so much activity on the surface, but some disturbed areas are seen.

To obtain additional information about the SSRT two-dimensional operation mode and about the availability of solar disk radio images, please contact Dr. Arkadii Uralov by E-mail at uralov@sitmis.irkutsk.su.

With kind regards to all Astronomy On-Line participants!

Alexander Altyntsev and Arkadii Uralov
Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISTP)
Siberian Division of RAS
p/b 4026
RUS-664033 Irkutsk

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