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International Steering Committee Meets on November 2

The International Steering Committee will hold its next meeting on 2 November 1996 at the ESO Headquarters in Garching (Germany).

This meeting will serve to define the final stages of the Astronomy On-Line project, in particular the detailed progression of events during the hot phase on 18-22 November. This period will mark the peak of Astronomy On-Line and it is important that the structure and content will provide the participants with the exceptional experience they are now looking forward to.

Particular attention will be given to the final two days when everything has to come together in form of reports from the individual groups about their observations etc. This is also when the WWW-interaction among all participants and organisers will be at its most intense.

Another important subject will be the possible continuation, in a modified form, of Astronomy On-Line. As mentioned on earlier occasions, there is little doubt that the structure which is now being built up and which has attracted the interest of an very large number of astronomy-oriented persons in Europe and abroad, may well serve a very useful purpose within astronomy education in the future.

Full information about the outcome of the meeting of the International Steering Committee will be published in an Astronomy On-Line Newspaper article on next Tuesday (November 4).

Please do not hesitate to send any suggestions, opinions, etc. to one of the ISC members before the meeting. You may also use this email address: fernand.wagner@ci.educ.lu.

Fernand Wagner
EAAE Vice-President
ISC Co-Chairman

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