Edition 05 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

First Groups Find the Treasure!

It is now one week ago that the First Treasure Hunt was installed, as a pilot project of its kind. The first reactions are now available. The comments so far received have been generally positive and the level of complexity appears to be reasonable.

The first Astronomy On-Line group to find the secret Web-site at the end of the first Treasure Hunt was Nucleo de Astronomia from the Escola Basica 2.3 da Galiza in Estoril (Portugal). The leader is Rui Filipe Pereira Noronha Trancoso and the members: Sara Isabel Morais Silva, Joco Capucho Correia Freitas, Carolina Barbosa d'Orey Capucho, Andri Henrique Rodrigues Dias, Ines Gomes de Noronha Trancoso, Carla Sofia Barros de Almeida, Joana Duarte Martins.

They were closely followed by Club Eclipse from Paris (France).The leader of this group is Thierry Midavaine and the other members are Andri Bradel, Olivier Dechambre, Cyril Mach, Pierre Marcel-Gaultier, Jean Ortega, Jean-Marie Vugnon and Thimothie Zemmour. Other groups are following.

We warmly congratulate all of these groups and, as promised, they will soon hear from ESO!

Some of the Astronomy On-Line organisers also tried this Treasure Hunt and successfully arrived at the goal (but this does not really count)!

Another Treasure Hunt is now ready for you to try and more are about to follow. As stated before, groups are very welcome to prepare their own which must then be submitted to the National Steering Committees before they can be officially taken over by Astronomy On-Line.

Claus Madsen
ESO Education and Public Relations Department

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Last update: Oct 29, 1996