Edition 06 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Greek Media Focus on Astronomy On-Line

Astronomy On-Line continues to catch the interest of the media. This is certainly so in many countries, including my own, Greece. Here is some information about the situation there.

The media activities of the Astronomy On-Line program started on 1 October. Mainly it has been done through the main national newspapers, published in Athens and distributed all over Greece. Among them are Eleytherotypia which carried the announcement of the programme and covered the activities by the Greek Astronomy On-Line participants at the Penteli Station of the National Observatory of Athens in connection with the Solar Eclipse on 12 October. The same newspaper also carried an article about Astronomy On-Line on its special "computer-page". Nea, another of the main newspapers in Greece, published a full report about Astronomy On-Line. Other newspapers to report on the programme were Ethnos, Apogeymatini and Eleytheros Typos, a popular tabloid. All of them connected their reports with the various Astronomy On-Line activities.

TV and radio also displayed much interest in the Astronomy On-Line programme. ERA-3 broadcast an interview with Margaret Metaxa. EAAE President Dennis Simopoulos, university professors and members of the Hellenic Steering Committee gave frequent interviews about the solar eclipse and Astronomy On-Line program in newspapers, radio and TV.

There is no doubt that the strong media coverage in Greece has contributed significantly to raising the interest in astronomy in general, and in Astronomy On-Line in particular. An interest which is also reflected by the large number of participants in our country.

Margaret Metaxa
EAAE National representative for Greece

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