Edition 06 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Join the `Erathostenes' Observations!

Dear Erasthostenes participants,

We will try to carry out the Erasthostens project on the following days:

Thursday 7, Friday 8, Monday 11, Tuesday 12, Wednesday 13, and Thursday 14 November.

The exact time for measuring will be 12 at noon (11 UT), and the length of the ruler is exactly 1 meter.

If you want to joint this effort, we kindly ask you to submit on Thursday 14 November your results, together with your geographical location to Dr. Margarita Metaxa. Together with her, Mogens Winther and I will collect all our results and make a report. Let us see how accurate we are able to determine the size of the Earth!

The weather in Denmark is bad at the moment, but we hope that some of us will soon see the Sun !!

Best regards

Bent Hirsberg
Rosborg Amtsgymnasium and HF-kursus (Denmark)
Group designation: 1a-ROSBORG.Vejle.dk.

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