Edition 06 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Astronomy On-Line and Amateur Astronomers

Although many activities within Astronomy On-Line are primarily directed towards the schools, teachers and students, I perceive from the WWW-pages with information about the Participating Groups that quite a few amateur astronomers have registered with Astronomy On-Line. This is very welcome and I think that the interaction between amateurs and students can be very useful.

However, I tried myself on some occasions to contact some Amateur Astronomers' Societies so that they can participate in Astronomy On-line. In some cases, I had the impression that the reception was not very positive, first because rather few of them are yet connected to Internet, and even more important, perhaps they considered us as astronomers who are closed up in an ivory tower.

Did others encounter the same problem? Or are some of the amateurs, maybe, not interested for different reasons, which are not obvious to me?

It would be interesting to learn more about this problem and I would be glad to hear from all participants who have opinions about this!

Josee Sert
Member of the International Steering Committee

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Last update: Nov 5, 1996