Edition 06 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Treasure-Hunt Wizards

Treasure hunts seem to be popular among the participants of Astronomy On-Line, so it did not take long, before the first group had found its way to the treasure of Treasure Hunt no. 2.

First over the mark was Andreas Maurer (Gluckers, Germany) and Manolis Zoulias of the Greek Amateur Astronomers Society, with Damjan Kovacic of the KIDZ group in Zagreb coming in as a close no. 3.

Pierre Marcel-Gaultier of the Club Eclipse in France found the treasure only a couple of hours later, to be followed by Kemena Teneva Baltova of the Urania group in Sofia and Peter Gulev (Ralitsa) also in Bulgaria.

The comments received were very positive, and the treasure hunt wizards are clearly ready for more treasure hunts, as they become available on the net!

Claus Madsen
ESO Education and Public Relations Dept.

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Last update: Nov 5, 1996