Edition 06 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Information about New Activities

Some participants have asked how they may be kept informed about the latest developments within the Astronomy On-line Programme. A few have even expressed the feeling that there are now so many new activities being installed and at such a rapid rate that they have great difficulties in following all of this!

It is indeed one of the intentions of the organizers to make Astronomy On-Line as varied and complete as possible. For this reason, we have pursued the policy to implement, almost daily, a new activity which can then be experienced by the participants at a time of their choice.

For instance, we have today opened the possibility to submit proposals for observations which will then be carried out by one of the telescopes which have been put at the disposal for Astronomy On-Line participants by some professional observatories.

Moreover, the Astronomy On-line Homepage in Latvia has been opened with lots of interesting information about astronomy in that country.

Everytime a new item becomes available, a corresponding message is inserted under News and within the What's New function. Thus, if you click on this, you will learn about all new items, as soon as they become available.

Furthermore, we have decided to install during one of the next days a Welcome Area within the General Instruction Shop where new groups will receive information about some of the basic functions which will hopefully help them to become acquainted to Astronomy On-line as quickly as possible.

During the Hot Week (November 18-22), there will be an SOS Button in the same area, where you can request help if you get completely stuck somewhere in Astronomy On-line. From here you will be able to reach specialists at ESO who will try to help you as far as possible during this hectic time.

Richard West
ESO Education and Public Relations Dept.

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Last update: Nov 5, 1996