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Astronomy On-Line in Bulgaria

Here are some news about the latest developments around Astronomy On-Line in Bulgaria. We are sorry that we were not able to report earlier; this is beacuse we had a lot of work in connection our main HP-server, following the installation of much new software working under HPUX-10.01. This somewhat delayed our work. This is also the reason why our Bulgarian Astronomy On-Line Homepage was incidentally shut-down a few times. I hope that this period has now passed and that we are again in a stable situation to embark upon the critical phase of this programme.

I did not expect such big interest about Astronomy On-Line in Bulgaria!

Last week we had a lot of initiatives prepared by the BG-NSC:

- TV presentation dedicated to the Astronomy On-Line: The Chairman of the BG-NSC, Prof. Georgi Ivanov presented the Astronomy On-Line-initiative during the 10 min presentation on November 7th (19h50m BG-time) during the emission of the NTV-BG 'Computer Dreams'. Also in some discussions with the TV-guide, Mrs. Magda Dimitrova described the main goals of the Astronomy On-Line and showed some results from the Lunar eclipse observations in Bulgaria and more about the Bulgarian and ESO AOL homepages.

- Press-conference: On November 8th was organized a press-conference about the Astronomy On-Line. The host was the Museum "Earth and the Peoples" with kind support of Doz. Michail Maleev - the director of the Museum. In the press-conference participated journalists from the main newspapers in Sofia and some other journals. The detailed information about it will be published in Astronomy On-Line Bulgarian Homepage/News next week.

- News about the solar observations in Bulgaria: please see the special solar eclipse page.

- The Astronomy On-Line - observations started: A. Mutafov prepare the Homepage of the Belogradchik Telescope. It may still need a better design but I am glad that is has now been copied to the ESO/AOL server. Some AOL groups from Bulgaria(Varna, Sofia etc.) will observe at Rozhen and Belogradchik in the frame of Astronomy On-Line and especially during the hot days: 18-22 November.

- The new journal Andromeda, in Volume 14 published in the beginning of November, describes a lot of details about the Astronomy On-Line and especially about the Solar Eclipse on October 12th. (Click to get larger version of the frontpage - JPG 224k).

- Kremena Baltova and Peter Gulev werewinners of the Second Treasure Hunt! The Bulgarian Newspaper '24 h' published a note about this event on November 8th. It was a great pleasure to hear about this from AOL Newsletter No.6!

- The director of the Computer Center of the Sofia University, Dr. Ivan Ivanov, kindly supports the Astronomy On-Line initiative. During the period 18 - 22 November some of the Astronomy On-Line-participants will have access to the INTERNET via Sofia University.

- some more TV presentations about Astronomy On-Line during the Hot Days in November are in preparation.

- We plan to have a final closing ceremony of the Astronomy On-Line- Bulgaria some time after November 22.

Best regards to all groups! And do not forget to contact one or more of the 14 Bulgarian groups during the Hot Week. I know how eager they all are to make contacts with you!

Milcho Tsvetkov
Bulgarian Steering Committee
Email: tsvetkov@wfpa.acad.bg

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