Edition 07 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Some Interesting Links

Throughout the early phases of Astronomy On-Line, new links have been added in many places. Some of these are obvious, others may be more difficult to find, especially if they are embedded in Webpages at other sites, etc.

Here are just a few that may be of interest to the participants. Maybe you know them already from your wanderings in the Astronomy On-Line Marketplace?


A very comprehensive collection of images from the Solar System


Do you want to try a Treasure Hunt in French?


Exciting website with news about the NASA/EUVE Satellite Project. There are many branches to very useful educational activities from here.


Mars Global Surveyor was succesfully launched by Nasa on November 7, 1996. Here you may follow the progress of this new attempt to explore our neighbour planet.


Almost all about the history of astronomy! You may know this site, if you have participated in Treasure Hunt no. 2.

We will continue to inform you about interesting links, as we learn about them.

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Last update: Nov 13, 1996