Edition 08 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Quizzes and Questions

Amusing quizzes for young amateur astronomers and serious questions to professional astronomers

From CYG group, Varna, Bulgaria. Please reply by email to: astro@ms3.tu-varna.acad.bg.

A. Quizzes for young amateur astronomers

B. Questions addressed to professional astronomers

Please answer to the email above! We shall be thankful for your replies! After a few days, we will write the answers and publish them in the Astronomy On-Line Newspaper.

I. Questions asked by Galin Genchev, 17 years old:

II. Questions asked by Denis Mehmedov and Elena Sarbinska, 12 years old:

Place and Date: Astronomical Observatory & Planetarium "N. Copernicus", Varna (Bulgaria) - 12 November 1996.

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