Edition 09 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Latest News About Registrations

Following a determined effort, all groups which have submitted their registration before today at noon, have now been officially entered into the Astronomy On-Line pages with information about participants. There has been an upwards tendency in the number of registrations during the past few days, undoubtedly because of the approaching deadline tomorrow, November 15.

The groups continue to come from many different geographical locations; as an example, groups from Paraguay and the Faeroe Islands in the Atlantic have registred during the past 24 hours.

According to the latest count, we should have about 665 participating groups at this moment. This bodes well for the activities next week!

We recommend that all groups check their email and URL addresses during the next few days, before the Hot Week begins on Monday. From sporadic checks, it would appear that some of them may not be active and it would of course be a pity if your group would not be able to receive information, just because your email address is wrong or out-of-date.

The same is true for the URL addresses - surely you would wish to receive many visitors - and not that they discover that your Webpage cannot be reached because of a faulty address! This may be even more important because of the Search for the Best Group Webpage, described in another article in this issue of the Astronomy On-Line Newspaper.

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Last update: Nov 14, 1996