Edition 09 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Measuring the Distance to the Sun: Collaborative Groups - Where Are They?

The hot phase of Astronomy On-Line will start next week. But up to now, we've got no contact to any group interested in collaboration with us. But without collaboration the Sun's parallax will stay unreachable for simple instrumentation und methods!

Therefore, we repeat our call for interested groups which are able to take pictures with CCD cameras and telescopes of not too small focal length. To become successful, we need some groups not only in America (North or South, respectively), but in Europe (because of the uncertainties due to our weather in November!). We think that the distance between the observatories must be 1000 km, at least. Therefore, perhaps a collaboration with groups in the south of Europe may be successful.

To prepare the observations and to fix suitable asteroids and observation times we need some days. Therefore, there is no time left to be in time with the hot phase!

Please, contact us via e-mail (backhaus@uni-koblenz.de) or by phone (+49 261 9119352 or +49 5405 1852 (priv)).

Kind regards,

Udo Backhaus

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Last update: Nov 14, 1996