Edition 09 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Magnetic Effects of the Solar Activity on the Atmosphere

During the hot week of the Astronomy On-Line-Project we would like to study the magnetic effects of the solar activity on the athmosphere. We have already built a magnetograph (cf. Collaborative Projects) and we have also mailed to some groups in Northern Europe asking them if they want to participate in the Collaborative Project. We got a possitive response from 5 or 6 groups. They will send us the variations mesured with their magnetograph and we will compare them with the solar activity etc.

But to get better results, we would like to invite some other groups participating in the Astronomy On-Line-Project to make these mesurements. All they have to do, is to build a magnetograph (they will find instructions on http://www.eso.org/astronomyonline/market/collaboration/aurora/magnetograph.html) and to send their mesurements to us.

They should contain the following:

These mesurements could also be made from Central and Southern Europe. We made the experience that the variations are clearly visible from our geographical position (49.60 North).

of the AOL-newspaper.

Best greetings,

Thomas Friedel
( AG Himmelsbeobachtung am ASG/Germany).

P.S. Please note that any mails from groups who would like to participate should be sent to BOTH email-addresses: bs198@fim.uni-erlangen.de and bs198@fen.baynet.de.

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