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Letter from Bremen: Project Proposals

Dear Astronomy On Line project managers,

We briefly want to relate to you our expectations for the coming week. We would like to do some basic astronomical work to complement our astronomical work (here: measurements of the distance of Mars and Earth; determination of the diameter of the Earth) by cooperating and communicating on it with another group to use modern forms of communication (i.e. email and internet) in accomplishing the above.

We hope that there is enough time, yet, to announce our proposal for the upcoming week and to find project partners.

Would you, please, help us to realize our plan by publishing our project ideas ? Before you do this, please check, if our suggestion no.2 in our project proposal below is operational.

For financial reasons in the state of Bremen, the intended acquisition of hard- and software for our local serving facility has not been realized so far. Therefore we will not be in the position to communicate via a URL address of our own. Two consequences are the result of this: We will be restricted to electronically communicating with you and with project partners via email only (addresses as given below). We would like you to anchor the directory introducing our school to interested partners appropriately. If you can do that for us, please let us know.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Project proposal

We are looking for groups or interested parties to participate in one or two of the experiments described below. Both are similar in their intention to do basic astronomical work, that is to acquire the skill to do precise measurements, and to electronically communicate on the method and the result of the experiment with other groups.

We realize that there are different levels in the complexities of the tasks.

We are interested in any participation of groups, may it be Task no.1 or Task no.2.

The determination of our location by measurements of our own using a gnomon is as follows: +53,73o latitude, 8,43o longitude/east.

Here are our project proposals:

No. 1 (for daylight situation): task: determination of the diametre of the Earth according to Eratothenes method: we intend to use a gnomon are 100 centimetres.

We suggest taking these measurements on November 20, 1996, local noon, alternatively in case of bad vision on November 21, 1996, local noon.

No. 2 (for nighttime): task: determination of the distance between Mars and Earth method: finding the parallax of Mars; in this case we suggest "Theta Leo" as reference point; measurements of Mars and Teta Leo should be taken with respect to their declination and rectascension.

We believe it to be necessary to contact each other to agree on variations of tasks and methods until November 19, 1996 at the latest.

Our addresses (email only): ukrause@bhv.ger.net and szscholl.Bremerhaven@t-online.de.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas Tjarks
Grundkurs Astronomie

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