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Search for the Best Group Webpage

Who did the best homepage? The one you liked the most?

As the Astronomy On-Line registration is about to close, approx. 660 groups have joined. Looking through this long list, you will see the many imaginative names of participating groups. While almost all groups have e-mail addresses, many also have home-pages on the World-Wide-Web as well.

We would like to know which Home-page, YOU like the most. So take a moment to browse through as many of the Home-pages of the Astronomy On-Line participants as you can reasonably manage. Then send us an e-mail cmadsen@eso.org, naming the one you think is the best homepage of an Astronomy On-Line group. You must do so before Thursday, November 21, at 22:00 UT.

We shall count the votes on Friday, November 22. The three groups that receive most votes will each get a large colour photo, nicely framed, of an astronomical object observed with a large ESO telescope. And all who contribute to this ballot will take part in a lottery with ten prizes (ESO videos and/or posters).

Claus Madsen
ESO Education and Public Relations Department

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Last update: Nov 14, 1996