Edition 10 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

The Astronomy On-Line Evaluation Project

Astronomy On-Line is a pilot project in the fields of science education and communication and it already has a very large number of participants from many countries. You all have experienced Astronomy On-Line and will certainly have many different views concerning this project and how you felt by working through the WWW.

In order to further develop learning-by-WWW and modern communication technologies we would like to gather these experiences.

Within some days there will be opened an Online Questionnaire (a WWW form) available at the Astronomy On-Line WWW site. We kindly ask all the students and teachers (or group leaders) participating the Astronomy On-Line to fill in the form. The form can be filled in your WWW browser by answering few questions. The form will be available at the Astronomy On-Line WWW site to the end of November.

When the data have been received, they will be processed and the results are published on a special WWW page to be announced later. The questionnary is processed absolutely anonymously and the data will only be used for research purposes.

The questions are in English. Group leaders, could you please help your group members to fill in the questionnary if the language is too difficult. Thank you!

The Astronomy On-Line International Steering Committee (ISC) attaches great importance to the results of this study as it is will allow to assess of all the aspects (positive as well as negative, strong points, what was lacking...). This will be a great help when Astronomy On-Line shall be changed so that can function optimally in the time after the present phase. Moreover, since this project is unique, this study may help those who are now thinking about establishing similar On-Line projects in other scientific fields.

We will be back with more details when the questionnaire is ready, probably on Thursday, November 21, 1996.

Jari Multisilta (Finland) and
Josee Sert (France).

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Last update: Nov 17, 1996