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Observations in Bulgaria

We have received the following information about observations from two groups, Sky Treasure Hunters and Meteor Group, in Bulgaria. Both of these invite collaboration and we warmly invite all interested groups to contact them via the Group Information pages.

	                     Observing Programme

	 Title               Sky Treasure Hunting

	 Abstract            Photographing the solar eclipse on 12.10.96.,
	                     the Moon and the starry sky and showing the
	                     obtained images via Internet.

	 Submittied by       Sky Treasure Hunters, Silistra, Bulgaria

	 Comments            The members of the group will be glad to
	                     establish contacts with other amateur astronomers
	                     and to see their photographs of beautiful sky

	 Place and Date of   Astronomical Observatory & Planetarium "N. Copernicus"
	 submission          Varna, Bulgaria
	                     14 November 1996
                        Observing Programme

        Title           Observations of the Leonid meteor shower

        Abstract        Visual and photographic observations of the Leonids
                        will be carried out in the nights of 15/16, 16/17 and
                        17/18.11.96. The method of the International Meteor
                        Organization for visual observations will be used. The
                        time of appearance, magnitude, shower association,
                        apparent velocity and the duration of the possible
                        persistant trains of the meteors will be recorded and
                        the metors will be plotted on gnomonic star maps
                        (Atlas BRNO). After the observations the zenithal
                        hourly rates (ZHR) of the shower and the sporadic
                        meteors will be calculated. Correction factors for
                        limiting magnitude and zenithal distance of the shower
                        radiant will be introduced.

        Submitted by    Meteor Group, Varna, Bulgaria

        Rationale       Usually in the time of their maximal activity the
                        Leonids show ZHRs of 10-15. But every 33 years meteor
                        storms of Leonids are observed. The next storm is
                        expected in 1998. In the last two years somewhat
                        increased ZHRs were already registered. It is
                        interesting to see what will happen this year.

        Comments        We would be glad to compare our data with the results
                        of other group that make visual, as well as radio
                        observations of meteors.

        Place and Date  Astronomical Observatory & Planetarium "N.Copernicus"
        of submission   Varna
                        14 November 1996

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