Edition 11 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Counting the Participants

The Astronomy On-Line Family

....grew considerably during the final hours before the registration closed. All in all, 713 groups in 39 different countries are now members of the Astronomy On-Line "family".

Behind that figure are approx 4,600 individuals, according to our current estimate (the mean is about 6.4 per group). These impressive numbers lend credence to our claim that Astronomy On-Line is the world's biggest astronomy event on the World-Wide Web. More importantly, though, it is yet another proof of the truly international character of Astronomy.

For hundreds of years, professional astronomers have recognised this and through exchange of information from observers located far apart, astronomers have benefitted enormously.

We hope that as a giant forum for ideas and information, Astronomy On-Line will contribute to strenghten the communication between all those who take an interest in our science, regardless of where they live.

Claus Madsen
ESO Education and Public Relations Dept.

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Last update: Nov 18, 1996