Edition 11 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

First Mass E-mailing

In the evening of the first day of the Hot Week, an email message was sent to all Astronomy On-Line groups who have indicated an email address when registering.

In view of the very large number of recipients, the mailing was done country by country. A small bug was discovered (and corrected), and a few groups received the message a little later in a second round.

This is a very effective way to communicate news at a short notice.

Here is the message:

Dear Astronomy On-line participants,

You may be surprised to receive this email, but since we have a list with email addresses of all participating groups, we decided to send this message in order to inform you about a few things which are going to happen on Astronomy On-line within the next day.

At the same time, this will also help us to test if the email addresses stored in the Astronomy On-line database are correct.

At this moment, we are slightly behind schedule due to some computer problems at ESO, but we hope to catch up within the next hours.

The most recent major addition was the information about the Final Event in which we hope all groups will decide to participate. It is about the determination of geographical latitude, and you will find interesting and amusing information about how you can determine the altitude of the Polar Star. For those groups which live south of the equator and who can therefore not make such a measurement, there are other ways described. Please be sure to check on the Final Event. You may access it directly from the front page. By the way, did you like the new design?

Next follows a number of interesting links which will be announced in a Newspaper article later this evening.

The "Light Pollution" Collaborative Project will be activated tomorrow, November 19, and we hope that also here, many groups will participate. It will be a quite simple project, and we think that also rather inexperienced observers will be able to make good measurements.

We will send you another email tomorrow with the continuation, including new projects within "Try Your Skills".

We hope you enjoy Astronomy On-line.

International Steering Committee, Astronomy On-line

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Last update: Nov 18, 1996