Edition 14 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Entering the 3rd Phase!

Tomorrow, Friday, 22 November, is the final day of the Hot Phase of the Astronomy On-line programme. This is a day when we expect that many of the projects which have been underway during the past days and weeks will have reached the point where it will be desirable to report about the results. For this reason, we herewith ask all those who are responsible for the individual Collaborative Projects, etc., to provide us with a corresponding brief report, not later than 17:00 UT tomorrow evening. We shall then put these reports on the Newspaper, so that all participants will be informed about the current status.

It has become obvious that some of these projects, for instance the one on Light Pollution, should continue for some more days, and we recommend that these reports also contain information about this, as the organizers think it best.

At the same time, it would also be most welcome if individual participants would consider to send us short summaries of their experiences with Astronomy On-line. If you can find the time, please put together a few lines which we can then bring in the Newspaper. Don't hesitate to criticize if something has not been up to your expectations; as said many times before, the Astronomy On-line event is a pilot project from which we can all learn.

We look forward to your contributions and shall do our best to make the last day a memorable one for all involved.


Don't forget the deadlines this evening for three important activities:

1. The Final Event

The Final Event is concerned with the measurement of geographical latitude by all participating groups.

The deadline is Thursday, November 21, 18:00 UT.

2. Light Pollution

The Collaborative Project about light pollution will enable us to get an overview of the situation, in particular in Europe. We hope that the largest possible number of groups will be able to contribute, so that the resulting picture will be as complete as possible.

The deadline is Thursday, November 21, 20:00 UT.

3. Best Group Web Site

In an earlier Newspaper article, we announced that prizes would be given for the best group Web sites, as voted by the participants.

The deadline is Thursday, November 21, 22:00 UT.

The International Steering Committee
Astronomy On-Line

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Last update: Nov 21, 1996