Edition 14 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Astronomy On-Line Evaluation Begins

The evaluation of the Astronomy On-line project and its impact is starting this afternoon by making available to all participants a questionnaire that contains specific questions about the project.

You may access this, either from the top Astronomy On-line Web page or from here.

PLEASE BE SURE TO SEND IN YOUR REMARKS VIA THE QUESTIONNAIRE DURING THE NEXT DAYS. This is an extremely important part of the entire programme and without information about your opinion, it would be very difficult to learn about the strong and weak points of Astronomy On-line.

As an example of modern communication technology, you may find it interesting to learn that earlier today we sent an email message from Garching to one of the authors, Jari Multisilta, in Finland earli, asking whether he could please check that the Evaluation Web pages are in order. Within half a hour, we got the following email message back:

Dear Richard

The evaluation page is OK.

Guess where I am now... I am in a train and I write this message by using my Nokia Communicator... cool!


Brave new world!

Richard West

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Last update: Nov 21, 1996