Edition 15 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

What Happens Today?

Today is the last day of the Hot Week and some of the Astronomy On-Line activities will be concerned with the `winding-up' of various projects.

We shall keep you informed via Mass Emailings, but please also have a look at the Websites at regular intervals to see if something nes has appeared.

Please note, in particular, that we expect to announce the outcome of these projects, as follows:

Final Event

Friday November 22, at 16:00 UT

Best Website

Friday November 22, at 17:00 UT

Light Pollution

Friday November 22, at 18:00 UT

Note also the possibility to chat via the Whiteboard. We hope to meet some of you there later tonight.

The Newspaper will be updated regularly as we receive reports from the various groups this evening.

So enjoy this last day of the Hot Week!

You may read more about the continuation of Astronomy On-Line in the EAAE President's address and also another article in this issue of the Newspaper.

International Steering Committee
Astronomy On-Line

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Last update: Nov 22, 1996