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Reports about Observations

Some of the participating observatories are still carrying out observations for Astronomy On-Line projects. The weather over Europe is slowly improving and we may still expect some more data!

To our knowledge no observations have been possible at the Bradford robotic telescope in the UK. A group of students visited the institute but the links were so congested that they could not look at the Astronomy On-Line pages! The group included students from Giggleswick School, Bradford Girls Grammar School and Thorpe Middle School, as well as a member of the Bradford Astro Society.

We have received the following report from Osnabrueck (Germany):

At the NVO observatory Erwin Heiser took an unfiltered exposure of the SN 1996bo on Nov 14, UT 20:17 which may be interesting for the project P22. It can be seen on our URL:


Observatory Reports

Here are the observatory reports of last night:

Bulgaria (Belogradchik)

The Astronomers from Belogradchik established contact with groups involved in Programme 20 (Mrs. Veselka Radeva from Varna Planetaruim and Mr. Alan Pickwick from Manchester Grammer School. Mr. Roumen Bachev was ready to observe the objects mentioned, but clouds and fog disturbed the observing.

We note the some Astronomy On-Line-participants from Varna Observatory (Bulgaria) observed successfully at Rozhen Observatory in the period 14-17.11.96.

Denmark (Brorfelde)

After a day and evening with heavy rain, some clear sky showed up around midnight. Observations started at about 00.10 UT. Weather not the best, some clouds around but P 29 was done (-NGC 5457) and P 10 partly done (field no. 7 to field no. 30 incl.). (The R filter was used because of focusing problems!) The weather was fair at the end of the night.

Germany (Wendelstein)

It's now UT 3:45 in the morning of November 22 and the sky is totally covered with clouds like all the nights before. Between UT21 and midnight part of the sky cleared up. Nevertheless we could not open the dome for a longer time since the freshly fallen snow was blown onto the telescope. Thus, besides a focus sequence we only got 3 images (B,V,R) of the Crab Nebula which might in part be useful for P36.

One of our observers may stay at Wendelstein during the following night (it depends on the meteo forecast), but we hope to be able still to contribute to the observational part of Astronomy On-Line in the course of next week.

Slovenia (Crni Vrh)

The past two nights were unfortunately cloudy here but clearance is expected and we hope to proceed with P33 and perhaps some additional program during the next night.

Thanks to the Observers!

We are happy to announce that the following astronomers have contributed to the observations:

Albert Zijlstra

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Last update: Nov 22, 1996