Edition 15 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Reports from the Groups

Here are the first reports from the individual groups.

Since we have no time to edit them and put them into HTML, we simply provide a link to the ASCII version of the mail, as we received it. We apologize for this time-saving method, but in any case, this will give you all the opportunity to see what has been done, already this evening.

We shall add new reports, as they come in.

From Luxembourg (Size of the Earth)

From Denmark (Size of the Earth)

From Bulgaria (Leonids)

From Bulgaria (Observing Project no. 7)

From Bulgaria (Observing Project no. 6: Solar activity)

With image: Solar drawing.

With image: Sunspot drawing.

From Bulgaria (Observing Project no. 21: Hale-Bopp)

With image: Hale-Bopp.

With image: Hale-Bopp.

Thanks to all contributors!

Richard West

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Last update: Nov 22, 1996