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The organizers have received many email messages during this last day of Astronomy On-Line. At the end of a long session, here is a small number, culled from the steady flow and illustrating various aspects of the programme:

From Germany

Dear Dr. West,

yesterday evening our group was at our internet provider together with a 
local newspaper journalist and it was fascinating to see how some of the 
first results came in, while the sky here was completely overcast and it 
even rained. Reports came from Bulgaria, Italy and the US. As the weather 
forecast (by the way: what is about the ESO satellite images - they are 2 
days old?) is not favourable for the next night, I propose to continue 
the project for one week or so (a proposal also in the e-mails) - would 
this be possible???


Sincerely yours

Andreas Haenel  
*  Dr. Andreas Haenel						*
*  Museum am Schoelerberg					*
*  Am Schoelerberg 8						*
*  D-49082 Osnabrueck		Germany				*
*  Phone: +49 541 5600326		Fax:   +49 541 5600337	*
*  Email: ahaenel@rz.uni-osnabrueck.de		        	*
*  URL: http://www.physik.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE/students/ahaenel    *

From Belgium

To: cmadsen@eso.org
Subject: AOL-Website

Dear Sir,

We're voting for the website of the group "Bellavista" (Spain).

We want to thank the whole ESO-team, who organised this wonderful event.
We learned very much solving the skills, enjoyed the pictures and almost
disappeared in the information. We got surprising contacts with other
groups (schools) and hope (even are sure) these contacts will remain even
after the final event on friday ! It was our first contact with Internet
and e-mail... we'll never forget these weeks !

Antares Belgium

From Greece

From: "George Antonopoulos" 
To: rwest@eso.org

Astronomy on Line is over. We spent a great time together 
and we feel sorry that we have to say good bye to each other. 
Astronomy was our hobby. Through AOL became our neighbourhood. 
We will never forget this event. Thank you all for keeping us 
a so cozy company. See you around on the NET. 

Best wishes
George Antonopoulos

From Greece


To: rwest@eso.org
From: Arsakeia - Tositseia Schools 
Subject: Earthquakes
Cc: mmetaxa@compulink.gr

Dear Dr.West,

Yesterday while looking at the newspaper no 14,about earthquakes,
coincidently we had a 3.8 earthquake. We would appreciate it if you 
won't publish any more links about earthquakes!!!!!
With "fear" from 



From France

To: Richard.West@eso.org
Subject: Meeting at Bayeux. Talking about astronomy on line. Project SOCRATES.

Lycee Alain Chartier                           Fax 02 31 92 18 59
BP 247
14402 Bayeux CEDEX

     We thought that this operation was really interesting; but 
too short! We hope a new one in the 1997 spring.

     The college Alain Chartier invites 15-18 year old students 
interested by astronomy to come on may 5-6-7TH 1997 in Bayeux. 
Each team is made by a French's teacher, a physic's teacher, and 
 three students who will present their astronomy's activities.

     Excuse my bad English. Write us down if you find that our 
project is interesting.

                                     Student from Club Altair

From Bulgaria

To: rwest@eso.org
Subject: remark, Varna, Bulgaria

Dear Mr. West,

Thank you for your last message. In our report about project No 21 we
made a mistake. In the table with the visual data the diameter of the
coma (D) should be not in " (angular seconds), but in ' (angular
minutes). We would like to express our thankfulness to the astronmers in
Bulgaria who helped us: the director of the National Astr. Observatory -
Rojen, Mr. Mitko Kolev; Mr. Georgy Boyukliev, Mr. Tashko Valchev and
Mrs. Asya Cvetkova of the same observatory; Miss Albena Ivanova of the
Institute of Astronomy - Bulgarian Acadamy of Science.
Best regards
Veselka Radeva

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