Edition 16 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

After the Hot Week

Seen from here at ESO, the Hot Week was really what the name indicates - we were close to the limit of our human and material resources, doing our best to serve so many participants within this rather short time interval.

Now that the hectic period is over, we have begun to return to a more normal state of operations. This is apparently also the case for most of the Astronomy On-Line participants, as indicated by the graph with access statistics for the Astronomy On-Line Web-area at ESO:

Daily Astronomy On-Line Web statistics on the ESO servers. Click on the graph to get a larger version [GIF, 8k].

As you can see, the highest pressure was on Tuesday, 19 November. It was lower the day thereafter and then again increased towards a large number of hits during the last two days of the Hot Week and the following weekend. It appears that the intensity is now decreasing towards the earlier level.

A number of Astronomy On-Line matters have come up during the last days, some of which will be mentioned here.

First of all, we have now established a reasonably complete list of the observations which were made.

We have received several requests for late registrations of additional groups, but we must regret that we cannot do so at the moment. However, it is quite likely that, as soon as the practical details about the continuation of Astronomy On-line have been settled, a new period of registrations will follow. Therefore, please be patient; you anyhow have access to Astronomy On-line and by contacting the registered groups, you will soon find many new partners, even if your email and URL address are not yet officially listed.

A report is being been sent to the European Commission in Brussels with some of the most important facts about Astronomy On-line. It will be followed up by a much more detailed report in December. We bring a brief excerpt in another article today.

Finally, we have received reports from many sides that the interaction between professional astronomers and the Astronomy On-line participants was very intense and useful. As an example, we publish in another article a fine illustration of a comprehensive answer from a professional astronomer to one of the participating groups. This is just one of many similar - reflecting a great dedication on both sides.

Richard West
ESO Education and Public Relations Dept.

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Last update: Nov 28, 1996